The most commonly used primary framing systems are shown below. All are shown symmetrical about ridge line. Framing systems which are unsymmetrical about the ridge line and multi span multigable framing with unequal modules are possible but may require more engineering time.

Building Width

No matter what primary framing systems used, the building width is defined as the distance from outside of eave strut of one sidewall to out side of eave strut of the opposite sidewall

Building length

The distance between the outside flanges of end wall is considered the building length. Building length is a combination of several bay length.

Building height

Building height is the eave height which usually is the distance from the bottom of the main frame column base plate to the top outer point of the eave strut. Eave heights up to 30m are possible.

Roof slope(x10): This is the angle of the roof with respect to the horizontal. The most common roof slopes are 0.5/10 and 1/10. Any practical roof slope is possible


Jack beams

Jack Beams are used to make economical as well as safe approach for creating longer bay length when large unobstructed space is required. Common bay lengths (5,6,7,8,9,&10m) can be doubled with the use of jack beams making it possible to have 12,15,16,18 and 20m clear bay length in areas where unobstructed space is required. For example, if the customer specified to have 10m bay lengths instead of the more economical 8m bay length , jack beams will be used in the interior of the building to make that possible. Jack beams may also be used on the exterior side walls in the same way.

Crane Systems

Indigo supply includes column/rafter brackets, crane runway beams & lateral tie that support crane system. Indigo request the customer to provide complete crane information from the crane manufacturer in order to design and estimate crane buildings.


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Type of Structures

The most common types of the crane systems in pre-engineered steel buildings are

  • Top running crane
  • Underhung crane
  • Monorail crane
  • Jib crane
  • Gantry crane
  • Semi-gantry crane

Design Engineering Fabrication and Erection of Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems...

NCGL (Non colour Galvalume or bare Galvalume Alu Zinc coating) GL Base

  • Thickness : 0.40mm-0.70mm
  • Alu-Zinc coating : Az150 Standard. Az100, Az70 & higher Alu-Zinc coatings optional
  • Coil width : 1200mm
  • Sheet width : 1100mm
  • Effective width : 1050mm
  • Tensile strength : 550 Mpa Standard. 245-345 Mpaoptional
  • Standards met : AST M A792, As2728, Is277, JIS332