General Construction

Leading with Purpose

Saving people money to help them live better was the goal our founder envisioned when he established Polygon Steel Corporation.

We continue to deliver that promise to business owners, builders, engineers, developers, corporate purchasing directors, congregations, homeowners and architects. Its the focus that underlies everything we do at Polygon.

We know that price matters to our customers, whether they live in the any part of India. That's why we offer the best quality steel buildings at the lowest prices to all of our clients.

We also look at savings that go beyond our steel building prices. For example, we are working with our suppliers to introduce more energy efficient products that save customers money for years to come.

Polygon Steel clients keep coming back because they know they will find the lowest prices around on the buildings that match their lifestyle.

Saving money is a means to helping our customers live better. By offering the best possible prices on the steel buildings our customers need, we can help them afford something a little extra.

We also see opportunities to help people live better beyond the walls of our steel buildings. That is why we support causes that are important to our communities, like education, and why we are working hard to do our part in protecting our planet and

Sustainable Construction


Green. That's how we'd like the world to be. As an environmental leader, Polygon does more than meet industry standards - we seek to raise them. Along with our dealers, we're working toward a future where a wide range of innovative manufacturing and construction technologies and infrastructures converge to create an economically vibrant society in harmony with the environment.

eased on The Polygon Way, our environmental commitment is a way of life, extending across all of our operations and through the full life cycle of our products. Through our strategy of sustainable construction, we are developing and managing technologies and processes through their "life-cycle assessment' footprint so that we deliver the right building, at the right time. To reduce waste in manufacturing plants and processes, we make all possible uses of the 5 R's — refine, reduce, reuse, recycle and recover energy.

At Polygon we believe a steel building company can also be a vehicle for change. An integral part of our environmental commitment is partnerships through philanthropy, industry, government, and business, including our steel building dealers and suppliers. We appreciatethe meaningful relationships we've developed and look forward to continuing to work together toward a society in harmony with the environment.

We work closely with our business partners, including suppliers and dealers, providing guidance and support to help us all achieve our "cradle-to-grave' environmental goals. Under our Green Supplier Guidelines, we encourage our partners to work with us in exceeding environmental expectations and to participate in Polygon's environmental programs.

We invite you to explore the many aspects of our commitment to sustainable construction.